Kick Start Round F 2022 is starting soon, so be sure to participate in the 3 hour round on September 18 beginning at 17:00 UTC. Head to g.co/kickstart to begin coding once the round starts. There are only three rounds left this year, so why not give it a try and hone your coding skills! If you have a question during the round, check out the FAQ and/or contact us via the "Ask a Question" button on the platform. As always, to keep the contest fair, we will not be able to give any hints. We hope you'll join us. Have a blast! - The Kick Start team 9月 19日, 2022

Google Coding Interview Question and Answer #1: First Recurring Character

刷 Leetcode 有時會寫到覺得枯燥乏味,先休息一下再戰。最重要的事,你要相信你自已「一定做的到」。 9月 5日, 2022

How to: Work at Google — Example Coding/Engineering Interview